Beauty should be honored in its natural form, accentuated by our influence, and accessible to all. Our goal is to graft low-tech and high-tech building principles to achieve passive, year-round yield. We want build with as much salvaged material, without extracting from the Earth. Design for the end-users and longevity.

We want to learn and teach skilled trades, traditional building techniques, agriculture+STEM, economic sustainability.


Neighborhood Cultivators
Graft Team

Special Thanks
Deanne of Strawbale Studios
Dave of James Steel
Nieves of Disenos Ornamental Fencing
Don of Welding Concepts Training
Samreen and Rayan B.
Zach C., Michael S., Vivian Z.
Logan of Deep End Studio


September 9

Excavating the Foundation and Geothermal Trenches

The Disenos crew led us over major hurdles as we dug the greenhouse foundation and geothermal trenches. It was a long day, but with community friends banding together, we moved Earth, refilled any hazards to reestablish safety for children, and even preserved the living plant species. We cannot thank Nieves, Luis, Juan, and Tony enough […]

September 6

Welding with the Master

In a strange turn of events, as we were urgently searching for solutions to assemble the final framework, our paths crossed with master welder Don Martin. His life stories can fill books of generosity and altruism, and the narrative continues as he builds the local Detroit workforce through his non-profit, Welding Concepts Training. We are […]

August 9

Structural framing courtesy of James Steel!

The team at James Steel were incredibly generous and accommodating. In our intersected paths, we are so fortunate to have found mutual benefit: we got our hands on highly structural steel tubes while they were able to clear up inventory to keep material moving. Huge thanks to Dave for making this all possible!