Even small spaces have potential for tremendous impact. Our goal is to reintroduce native plant species that provide value in the form of nutrition, shade, healing, and beauty. Design in a way that maximizes inspiration while minimizing energy and resource input.

We want to learn and teach basic permaculture principles, traditional agriculture, design of communal space, and patience in planning.


Neighborhood Cultivators
Cliff of Green Hand Initiative
Eric and Alex of Graft

Bridget of Resilient Spirals

Special Thanks
Jesse of Starr Valley Farms
Marco of Great Lakes Deco Concete
Jacob and Dawn of Hope Church
Jim of Davey Tree
Erica and Alice of Organicalc
Mike and Andy of former Hamtown Farms
Michael, Amos, Samreen, Ashi, Salma, Maheen, Rayan, Fatimah, Tracy, Carson, Sal, Chris and all Volunteers


February 24

Our New Shed

After 4 break-ins to our tool shed, hopefully this box holds up better! It’s made trips in eastern Europe and all over South America. There’s even some Korean writing on the inside…if only walls could talk. Thanks to Dave from More Space Containers LLC for going above and beyond for us.

November 21
Playing ADAPT on the Garden Table

Playing ADAPT on the Garden Table

Shout out to Bridget of Resilient Spirals, who developed a one-of-a-kind card game called Adapt that guides players through an interactive process of designing the world of their dreams. We had laughed and had a great time while uncovering priorities and new ideas for our garden project.

November 19
Local business helps move some raised beds

Local business helps move some raised beds

Our new friend Marco from GreatLakesDecoConcrete.com spontaneously offered up tremendous community service. Word got around that we needed help moving around some heavy raised beds for the new garden layout. Thanks for your generosity and expertise Marco! Saved us time and our backs…

November 13

Building Winter Compost Bins

Huge thanks to Jesse from Starr Valley Farms for leading the build and workshop! The goal is for the neighborhood to continue feeding this custom vermicomposting bin (worm composting) all winter long, so black gold will be ready by spring.

October 28

Created a Garden Table Portal

As in-person classes are in flux, this custom garden table provides a simple way for youth to come into nature and back to learning. This was created from some salvaged material and with help of local artistry; it was a wonderful way for the community come together.

October 21

Hauling Some Donated Mulch

Thanks for Courage Church for the generous mulch donation and the neighborhood muscle. You can never have too much mulch!

September 12
Planting more Perennials

Planting more Perennials

Fiddlehead Ferns, Perennial Arugula and Celery, Serviceberry trees. Thanks to Mike for contributing your time, energy, and positivity on this awesome Saturday! We are a big step closer to the Permaculture Forest Farm…

September 5

Volunteer Saturday

We spent today tidying up the lot, weeding, mulching, and painting the garden table. Fatimah, Tracy, Samreen, and friends were a huge help and brought so much energy to the project.

August 1
Native Pollinator Bed Planting

Native Pollinator Bed Planting

Huge thanks to BGC, Samreen, Maheen, Ashi, Salma, and Rayan for spending your Saturday planting a native flower bed. This will invite pollinators and keep folks away from accidentally bumping the windows, in a beautiful way.

June 27

Shed got broken into…

It was a minor setback and a strong reminder around the safety/security concerns that residents live with on a daily basis.

June 26

Yard Workout and Surprise Mulch Dropoff

Jim and his crew from Davey Tree stopped by during our “yard work-out”. We used the giant mulch contribution to edge off growing areas, retain moisture for some of the new transplants, and suppress weeds. We were previously making numerous trips to the garden centers and hardware stores to buy individual bags, so this was […]