In Process


PURPOSE This powerful, universal, & continually-evolving medium must be used for positivity. We will explore using various styles and sounds, experienced musicians will share their wisdom with local, rising creators, and a cohesive, uplifting message will reverberate. SAMPLES Our first project consists of a 3-part ballad. Full tracks, accompanied with a music video, will be


PURPOSE Strong, authentic connections build trust and shared opportunity. In light of this common goal, immediate neighbors, local-communities, and residents across districts can all swirl together to exchange their stories. Our various networks congregate for events, meetings, and workshops in the garden; the connections will naturally form. We want to learn and teach macro/local social


PURPOSE Even small spaces have potential for tremendous impact. Our goal is to reintroduce native plant species that provide value in the form of nutrition, shade, healing, and beauty. Design in a way that maximizes inspiration while minimizing energy and resource input. We want to learn and teach basic permaculture principles, traditional agriculture, design of


PURPOSE Beauty should be honored in its natural form, accentuated by our influence, and accessible to all. Our goal is to graft low-tech and high-tech building principles to achieve passive, year-round yield. We want build with as much salvaged material, without extracting from the Earth. Design for the end-users and longevity. We want to learn