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PURPOSE Connecting those who Want with those who Can Almost everybody is working on something. How often do you think someone’s hustle is momentarily the aligned with yours, but the opportunity slipped away, perhaps even unnoticed? Who are the Entities that get things done? Connect them with the Creators who can manifest visions. Let’s showcase


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PURPOSE Beauty is absolutely a basic-human-need. Watching the buzz-beater, laughing with a newborn, dressing-up real fancy one night, seeing a loved one succeed. We can all agree that after experiencing something amazing, awesome, and inclusive, you get a high that can last days. To be within and a part of aesthetically beautiful creations is agreeably



PURPOSE This powerful, universal, & continually-evolving medium must be used for positivity. We will explore using various styles and sounds, experienced musicians will share their wisdom with local, rising creators, and a cohesive, uplifting message will reverberate. SAMPLES Our first project consists of a 3-part ballad. Full tracks, accompanied with a music video, will be


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PURPOSE Distribute everything we’ve learned. We will utilize design-thinking methodology + best-practices documentation to establish local worker-owner cooperatives. One-size does not fit all…we want to adapt our holistic, equitable green-development principles to new areas and unique communities. Our goal is democratized sustainability. The path remains ambiguous and we are looking ahead to all of the