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PURPOSE Connecting those who Want with those who Can Almost everybody is working on something. How often do you think someone’s hustle is momentarily the aligned with yours, but the opportunity slipped away, perhaps even unnoticed? Who are the Entities that get things done? Connect them with the Creators who can manifest visions. Let’s showcase



PURPOSE Strong, authentic connections build trust and shared opportunity. In light of this common goal, immediate neighbors, local-communities, and residents across districts can all swirl together to exchange their stories. Our various networks congregate for events, meetings, and workshops in the garden; the connections will naturally form. We want to learn and teach macro/local social



PURPOSE Even small spaces have potential for tremendous impact. Our goal is to reintroduce native plant species that provide value in the form of nutrition, shade, healing, and beauty. Design in a way that maximizes inspiration while minimizing energy and resource input. We want to learn and teach basic permaculture principles, traditional agriculture, design of



PURPOSE Beauty should be honored in its natural form, accentuated by our influence, and accessible to all. Our goal is to graft low-tech and high-tech building principles to achieve passive, year-round yield. We want build with as much salvaged material, without extracting from the Earth. Design for the end-users and longevity. We want to learn


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PURPOSE Unity House is functional model-home that demonstrates Affordability and Sustainability in our own neighborhood. Inspiration spreads: space should promote open gathering, clear thoughts, and knowledge sharing. We designed & are building a modestly-sized structure, that is both purposeful and intimate. The priority is to maintain cohesion & flow of the entire lot, integrated by-design