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March 7

Sandwich break

Local homegrown eggs from our good friend (organic, free-range, you know…all that good stuff), organic kale from the greenhouse, and..Read More

February 25

Upcycling Cutting Boards

This week’s class was focused on tapping in to our creativity to Upcycle. Huge thanks to our own Logan who..Read More

February 24

Our New Shed

After 4 break-ins to our tool shed, hopefully this box holds up better! It’s made trips in eastern Europe and..Read More

February 9

12-week Workshops with Detroit Middle Schoolers

12-week Workshops with Detroit Middle Schoolers

We partnered up again with the amazing team at Urban Neighborhood Initiatives to continue our STEM+Environmentalism curriculum. This semester, from..Read More

November 21

Playing ADAPT on the Garden Table

Playing ADAPT on the Garden Table

Shout out to Bridget of Resilient Spirals, who developed a one-of-a-kind card game called Adapt that guides players through an..Read More

November 19

Local business helps move some raised beds

Local business helps move some raised beds

Our new friend Marco from GreatLakesDecoConcrete.com spontaneously offered up tremendous community service. Word got around that we needed help moving..Read More

November 13

Building Winter Compost Bins

Huge thanks to Jesse from Starr Valley Farms for leading the build and workshop! The goal is for the neighborhood..Read More

October 28

Created a Garden Table Portal

As in-person classes are in flux, this custom garden table provides a simple way for youth to come into nature..Read More

October 21

Hauling Some Donated Mulch

Thanks to Courage Church for the generous mulch donation and the neighborhood muscle. You can never have too much mulch!

September 12

Planting more Perennials

Planting more Perennials

Fiddlehead Ferns, Perennial Arugula and Celery, Serviceberry trees. Thanks to Mike for contributing your time, energy, and positivity on this..Read More

September 5

Volunteer Saturday

We spent today tidying up the lot, weeding, mulching, and painting the garden table. Fatimah, Tracy, Samreen, and friends were..Read More

August 8

Summer Workshops with UNI

Summer Workshops with UNI

Had a BLAST with the youth during out 7-week STEM + Environmentalism summer! We all had so much knowledge and..Read More

August 1

Native Pollinator Bed Planting

Native Pollinator Bed Planting

Huge thanks to BGC, Samreen, Maheen, Ashi, Salma, and Rayan for spending your Saturday planting a native flower bed. This..Read More

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September 9

Excavating the Foundation and Geothermal Trenches

The Disenos crew led us over major hurdles as we dug the greenhouse foundation and geothermal trenches. It was a..Read More

September 6

Welding with the Master

In a strange turn of events, as we were urgently searching for solutions to assemble the final framework, our paths..Read More

August 30
August 25
August 14
August 9

Structural framing courtesy of James Steel!

The team at James Steel were incredibly generous and accommodating. In our intersected paths, we are so fortunate to have..Read More

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June 27

Shed got broken into…

It was a minor setback and a strong reminder around the safety/security concerns that residents live with on a daily..Read More

June 26

Yard Workout and Surprise Mulch Dropoff

Jim and his crew from Davey Tree stopped by during our “yard work-out”. We used the giant mulch contribution to..Read More

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